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Hakuna Matata: The Zanzibar Experience

"Zanzibar - The happy island, where you’re able to put your whole life into perspective. HAKUNA MATATA, life is good".

 Zanzibar is one of the beautiful Gemz that our world has to offer. It’s a fabulous tropical island which offers beautiful scenery, incredible beaches, amazing culture and a fascinating history. As we would say: a real African experience!

WATCH the VLog as GlobalGemz explore the beautiful island of Zanzibar.


When to go -  

The best time to visit is between July and October, or in February and March with an average of just 5 rainy days per month.


Visa -

A single entry visa is obtainable in Dar es Salaam International Airport or at Zanzibar International Airport just upon arrival, before collecting your baggage. The costs total USD 50 and they do not accept any other currency for the payment. Please visit  - for more information about the list of countries that require a referred visa.

Locations -

The best place to start is Stonetown as it is the main city of Zanzibar and gives you a real impression of the cultural background at the heart of the country. As Prison Island is just around the corner, it is recommendable to plan a half-day excursion whilst you are exploring Stonetown. You have the opportunity to see some very old turtles and enjoy a nice bathe in the crystal clear ocean. Travelling up to the north, the next suggested stop is Nungwi. The journey by road takes between 1 and 2 hours and will cost you about USD 20. Nungwi is much more relaxed and offers stunning beaches with a very chilled vibe. Whilst you are still in Nungwi, visit the nearby Memba Island for a day excursion and then head off to Matemwe, Paje Beach, Kendwa and Kiwenwga. These parts of the island feature absolutely stunning coral lagoons, with mile upon mile of broad white-sand palm-backed beaches. Amongst the palm trees at the back of the beach lie traditional fishing villages, where the intriguing local culture can still be observed.The people are incredibly friendly and will offer you help whenever you need it - be aware they may ask for a small tip for their service. Having said this from a very young age the people of Zanzibar have been taught not to beg, to always be happy with the little things they have, and to always be friendly and forthcoming. Hence the locals will do anything possible to get you where you need to be and in all honesty, it would be rude to not show them some appreciation.


Language help:

Jambo = Hello

Karibu = Welcome

Hakuna Matata = No Problem

Ansante Sana = Thank you very much

Hapana = No

Indio = Yes

Ngapi = How much? 

Habari yako = How are you? 


Cultural experiences in Stonetown:

  • Slave trade market

  • Spice market 

  • Foredhani Gardens (evening food market) 

  • House of wonders

  • Prison Island (Turtle Island)

Food and Drinks:

  • Luukman

  • Emerson on hurumzi (rooftop)

  • Tausi Palace  

  • Mashariki Palace Hotel

  • Africa House Hotel (best sunset view) 

  • Taperia

  • Coffee House

Beaches, activities and relaxing areas:

  • Nunguwi

  • Memba Island

  • Matemwe

  • Paje beach

  • Kendwa

  • Kiwenwg



  • Lighthouse Breakfast

  • Anita’s Bed and Breakfast

  • Kajibange Bar and Guesthouse


There is obviously plenty of accommodation but the places we have proposed are very special to us. Staying in the lighthouse, for example, offers you the opportunity to help in local schools. Anita’s Bed and Breakfast’s owner is one of the loveliest hosts you can imagine and will help you out in any situation. Kajibange Bar is very relaxed with excellent drinks and food. It depends on individual moods and standards.


  • Kajibange Bar

  • Mama Mia

  • Baraka Beach Restaurant

  • Fisherman’s Seafood and Grill


1 USD = 2’199.15 TZS

Locals prefer USD as it has more value, but in general, you should be able to pay in Tanzanian Shilling. We would recommend carrying both currencies with you just in case.


What other people think:

By Alex

Global Gemz Co-Founder & CEO


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