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GG Ambassador: Jacob Steenson

"Every mistake is a learning opportunity".

Global Gemz is very happy to announce Jacob Steenson as an Official Ambassador!!

Jacob is a talented filmmaker whose vision of travel alines perfectly with the ethos of the Global Gemz brand. As a start to this partnership, Jacob and Global Gemz have come together to bring you a travel series 'The Palawan Diaries', featuring four behind the scenes Vlogs and four accompanying episodes. The series covers Jacob and friends journey through the Philippine paradise islands, bringing you the real-time uncut footage along with his incredibly inspiring edited content. The Palawan Diaries will begin with the first episode dropping on the 3rd April so be sure to stay tuned to Global Gemz.

We got to speak with Jacob so we could all get toknow him a little better and hear his thoughton the world through his lens. (Read below)

(Watch the Palawan Dairies Trailer Here )



Name: Jacob Steenson

Age: 24

Hometown: Perth, Australia


Tell us a bit about yourself...The two things I’m most passionate about are travel and filmmaking. I’ve realised this more so in recent years, whereas when I left high school I had too many different interests to know where to start. The first course I tried my luck at was architecture, but I realised it wasn’t for me after a year and a half. I then worked for a year and in that time decided that the course I’d in fact originally chosen (a bachelor of creative industries – majoring in film) was the one for me.Since then I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I’d like to take with film.

I became inspired by travel filmmakers who made me realise that it could be possible for me to satisfy my travel appetite, whilst progressing my skills and portfolio. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s exciting knowing that I am 100% in this.Travel and film aside, I’d say I’m a pretty laid back amigo who loves meeting new people, getting outdoors and knocking back a few beers with friends.

What's your mission?

Above all, to create memories. I want to explore the world and as many of the unique cultures out there as I can. I’d like to look back on my life and feel like I connected with the planet we live on, as well as some like-minded people who inhabit it. When I was younger I loved camcorders because they would enhance my memories of holiday’s I’d been on when I was younger. These days I still value the ability of video to have this effect just as much.


Quote/mantra you live by?

"Every mistake is a learning opportunity".

Might sound a little cheesy, but its always been a great reminder for myself in challenging situations – especially ones involving technology!


Stamps in your passport?

 *17 -












New Caledonia

New Zealand






The best place that you have been to? 

 Canada – Breathtaking scenery and the friendliest people on the planet.


Where is a MUST visit place in your lifetime?

 South America – In particular, Chile, which appeals to me because it has it all – mountains, surf beaches and glaciers.


#1 bucket list goal? 

Don’t really do bucket list’s, but a fellow Aussie filmmaker and I have recently been discussing the possibility of doing the Annapurna circuit in Nepal together next year – so let’s go with that!


Name a hidden "Gem" that you have found? 

Tough one. Have to go with a spot in Western Australia as we’re lucky enough to still have some hidden 'Gemz' around. Prevelly, in Margaret River, isn’t exactly hidden, but my Dad used to have a house down there – so this one’s more personal than anything. It’s a small, peaceful surf town where you’re constantly surrounded by beautiful landscapes and can hear the ocean from bed – maybe I’ll share it with you in a video sometime!


Tell us an interesting travel story. 

While I was driving down the West Coast of America a couple of years back with three friends, we stayed a night in Portland. Being a fairly busy city, we struggled to find a spot to legally park overnight. The usual go-to was nearby parks and we managed to find one not too far away called the ‘Japanese Gardens’. The van we were in was a rental from ‘Wicked Campers’ and the paint job was characters/quotes from the film ‘The Big Lebowski’ – a pretty well known American comedy. Anyway, after a fairly big night on the town, we zipped open our tent (still half asleep and in our undies) to find multiple cameras being pointed at us by tourists. Turns out we’d underestimated the popularity of the place and of our van...


If you could take only 2 items travelling with you (other than the clothes on your back) what would the be?



How do you feel about becoming a Team Global Gemz ambassador?

So pumped! I love to collaborate and I see this as a chance for me to grow, hopefully with the brand itself. It’s been hard going trying to gain a following, so I’m really excited for some more exposure.


Name 3 of your favourite travelling tunes?

‘The Suburbs’ Mr. Little Jeans

‘Sultans of Swing’ Dire Straits

‘The Heat’ Jungle


What's in your bag?  

Drone – DJI Phantom 4 + Two Batteries

Cameras – Panasonic Lumix GH4 & a Nikon F75 Film Camera

Lenses – Panasonic 12-35mm (2.8) & 25mm Prime (1.7)

Tripod – ProMaster Travel Tripod (Also unfolds into monopod)

iPod – Trusty 8GB Mini (Perfect for recently added + a few travel playlists)

Laptop – MacBook Pro 15’

Hardrives – 2 x Seagate 2TB

And of course... a small travel journal.

This is really the first complete setup I’ve owned. I’m still learning about equipment and when I return home I’ll be slaving away with the hope of upgrading as soon as I can! Sony cameras are definitely high on my radar.

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