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Watch: Ticino | The mediterranean soul of Switzerland

"Ciao Ticino! The mediterranean soul of Switzerland"

Ciao Ticino! The mediterranean soul of Switzerland - for us in the north of swissyland its called the paradise of the south. 


Everything changes when you drive past the Gotthard Railway; the weather, the buildings, the smell of the air, the food, and the people. Unimaginable scenery, mountain hikes, lake paddles, and food that you can only dream about if you are in Italy. Lugano and Locarno are the main location to see and explore giving you the perfect weekend trip - always warm and sunny!


Wherever you want to spend it one thing is promised; it provides you with whatever floats your boat....


You can catch the last video in Switzerland when the GlobalGemz Team float down a Zurich River in a rubber ring Here



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By Alex

Global Gemz Co-Founder & CEO


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