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Jamaica | Sweet & Spice


"Suh Wa Gwarn"


With toes in the sand, the sun shining on your face, some jerk chicken in your mouth, and reggae in the background - Welcome 'inna' Jamaica!

With a laid-back reputation and the birth place of reggae music  - you can instantly see and feel this in the culture of Jamaica. The legacy of the legendary Bob Marley spreads all over the island both musically and spiritually...and now their latest world icon, the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, can be seen painted across the walls of the country in his trademark stance.


The real character of the island can be felt in its unique and authentic culinary experiences, of which we recommend for you to have a go at trying them all! The variety of spices seriously take you to another level and we cannot imagine anybody who would not gain absolute enjoyment from the food on offer. 


Despite being a paradise island, it is advised in some parts of Jamaica to travel with caution as it can be potentially dangerous. We had an amazingly reliable driver who took us safely to different places, suggested hidden 'gemz' to see around the island, and genuinely gave our trip a special touch. He made sure we really felt the heart of Jamaica whilst educating along the way, and helped us to have the times of our lives. 

Gem we discovered through our guide was the Irie Blue Hole. Most people would choose to visit Dunns River, which is a beautiful location, however, one which can be full of tourists and depending on the season not always fully enjoyable due to this reason. We decided to listen to our driver and take on a new experience which was mind-blowing. Here the falls tumble down the mountain, whilst you jump into the clear bliss-pool surrounded by just the sounds of ourselves and nature. 


WATCH as the Global Gemz Team enjoy the wonders of Blue Hole, Jamaica.



—> If you would like to book this Global Gemz approved driver please do not hesitate to contact us (contact number) 


We can’t wait to get back and visit, but first we have some new Gemz to discover...stay tuned!




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By Alex

Global Gemz Co-Founder & CEO


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