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More than just a tour guide

Having a local tour guide can certainly be useful when visiting a new destination...after all, they should at least have the inside knowledge on the do’s and don’ts, perhaps the best places to eat, and for sure the must-see locations. Not all, however, will genuinely make the effort to form those personal bonds which mean so much, and do everything in their power to ensure you have the greatest experience possible! Luckily for the Global Gemz team we did, in fact, stumble across such a person whilst away on a trip to the island of Bali in Indonesia, and he inspired us to write this piece.

The name Nyoman aka Nomad (inside joke) will now forever hold a place in all of our hearts thanks to the love and appreciation he showed to our team whilst being our guide throughout the ten-day trip. The magic comes from the fact that Nyoman doesn’t work for a company, it’s a solo mission and one in which he is so clearly grateful to be able to do. Always taking immense pride in showcasing this beautiful island, its people, culture, and everything else it has to offer, Nyoman quickly changed from just being our ‘guide’ to feeling like another member of the team!

So if you’re taking or considering a trip to Bali, and don’t want to miss out on any of those hidden Gemz, then we suggest you hit up our friend Nyoman, and we guarantee he’ll do a whole lot more for your experience than just being a tour guide! *Contact Global Gemz for more information*

Watch our adventure in Bali guided by Nyoman


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